Mainstream Media Misrepresents Facts on Caravan from Honduras

It becomes tiresome that the mainstream media’s reporting is so far from the truth. Case in point,  that POTUS lied or had no evidence of Mideasterners in the caravan making its way up from Honduras. There is plenty of proof of gang members and possible terrorists in the caravan if one cares to FIND IT.

They totally ignored Univision reporter Fransico Santa Anna’s report on Bangladeshis in the caravan early on before the caravan even entered Mexico. Daily Caller’s Benny Johnson quoted him in a piece published 10/22: The Bangladeshis, he said, were detained in an immigration facility, though it’s not clear what happened to them after their detention.

Daily Caller

Later on, Univision’s Jorge Ramos, known for his radical left-wing stance on open borders contradicted Santa Anna’s reporting when he went on FOX and told Tucker Carlson there were no Mideastern men in the caravan.

Tucker Carlson/Daily Caller

Jorge Ramos on Martha MacCallum’s show, behind him as he lies about who makes up the caravan, young men flash gang signs as they walk by, proving he’s either ignorant or lying.

Twitter video Jorge Ramos

Department of Homeland Security spokesperson Tyler Houlton confirmed there are gang members present in the caravan.

DHS Confirms Gang Members in Caravan

Sara Carter, an investigative journalist who is there with the caravan also reported on Sean Hannity’s show seeing tattooed (gang members) young men in the caravan.

YouTube Sara Carter on Hannity

The president of Guatemala Jimmy Morales reported they had arrested 100 ISIS members early in October. Morales shared the news while giving a speech at the second Conference for Prosperity and Security in Central America in Washington D.C. on October 11 and 12.

Judicial Watch

And finally, our DHS rules reflect the fact that since 9/11 we’ve known our southern border is an entry point for terrorists.

As far back as Janet Napolitano’s tenure:

“There’s a whole category called SIAs—special interest aliens is what it stands for. We watch that very carefully. We have been working—not just with Mexico, but countries of Central America, in terms of following more closely people transiting the airports and the like. And so, again, our efforts there are to try to … take as much pressure off the physical land border as we can.”

— DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano, remarks to a reporter in Washington, D.C., January 2012

Todd Bensman who is a senior national security fellow at the Center for Immigration Studies confirms terrorists use Central American countries as starting points in their journies to infiltrate the USA.

National security expert Todd Bensman

Todd Bensman writes at Center for Immigration Studies:

“I have been to Guatemala to report about this particular smuggling traffic. The country is literally a superhighway for human smuggling of people from all over the world, including the Middle East. As a journalist in 2007, I traveled throughout Guatemala tracing their paths and interviewed numerous current and former government officials there about the Middle Easterners, Somalis, Pakistanis, and others coursing through toward Mexico. I also once visited a Guatemalan consular office in Amman, Jordan, where Iraqi refugees told me their human smugglers were sourcing visas for about $700 each.”

Obama’s Department of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson ALSO warned of the serious threat of terrorists using our southern border to enter the country in an internal memo which the Center for Immigration Studies obtained:

The unpublicized copy of the memo, obtained by CIS, outlined plan objectives. Intelligence collection and analysis, Secretary Johnson wrote, would drive efforts to “counter the threats posed by the smuggling of SIAs (Special Interest Aliens).” Coordinated investigations would “bring down organizations involved in the smuggling of SIAs into and within the United States.” Border and port of entry operations capacities would “help us identify and interdict SIAs of national security concern who attempt to enter the United States” and “evaluate our border and port of entry security posture to ensure our resources are appropriately aligned to address trends in the migration of SIAs.”

Secretary Johnson saw a need to educate the general public about what was about to happen. Public affairs staffs would craft messaging that the new program would “protect the United States and our partners against this potential threat.”

However, no known Public Affairs Office education about SIA immigration materialized as Secretary Johnson and most of his agency heads were swept out of office some months later by the election of Republican President Donald Trump. Whatever reputed threat about which the Obama administration wanted to inform the public near its end remains narrowly known. So, too, are whatever operations developed from the secretary’s 2016 directive.

Perhaps notably, the cross-border migration of people from Muslim-majority nations, as a trending terror threat, has gone missing during contentious national debates over President Trump’s border security policies and wall. Most discourse has been confined to Spanish-speaking border entrants rather than on those who speak Arabic, Pashtun, and Urdu.

Further on…

The hallmark Homeland Security Act of 2002, for instance, established the key security objective of “preventing the entry of terrorists and terrorist weapons” by threat actors it described as “transnational terrorists, transnational criminals,, and unauthorized migrants.” The Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004 mandated “a cohesive effort to intercept terrorists, find terrorist travel facilitators, and constrain terrorist mobility, domestically and internationally.”8 The act created a Human Smuggling and Trafficking Center to collect intelligence on “clandestine terrorist travel” toward the American border.9 The Secure Fence Act of 2006 states that its purpose is, in significant part, “the prevention of all unlawful entries to the U.S., including entries by terrorists.”

Center for Immigration Studies

So how ignorant are the folks over at ABC, CBS, NBC, and their cable counterparts CNN and MSNBC if they cannot find this information on the internet when I CAN with minimal effort? Maybe it isn’t ‘ignorance’, maybe it is intentional lying and misrepresentation of facts to further a political agenda?


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